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FlexiEdge - Fast Action Doors

FlexiEdge is a range of fast-action industrial doors offering exceptional safety, damage resistance and weather resistance. Suitable for any high-frequency application for all vehicles including fork lifts and pedestrian access. FlexiEdge doors have been installed throughout Europe in warehousing, storage and logistics, retail, manufacturing industry, public transport, airports, food industry, brewing, pharma-ceuticals and waste treatment plants.

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  • Choice of Drive Systems
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Rapid Payback
  • Comfort Conditions
  • Standards Compliance
  • Activation Systems

Operational Features


Positive drive - The door curtain is driven positively when closing as well as opening, by means of a toothed driving wheel engaging in a side belt on the door curtain.

Low-friction drive - Doors have low-friction side guides for quiet operation. The door is opened by a conventional roller and closes under its own weight. The advantage of both drive systems is that there are no heavyweight elements, which makes the door safer and requiring less maintenance. A further advantage of the Positive drive is that it will operate smoothly under greater wind pressures than the Lowfriction. 

Environmental Benefits

Speed of operation minimises open time, thus reducingheat loss from the building, conserving energy andlowering CO2 emissions.

Rapid Payback

Energy savings reduce fuel bills and mean that doors have a shorter payback period. We can provide a costm analysis for specific installations to demonstrate savings.

Comfort Condition

Rapid operating times help to maintain internaltemperatures, so improving staff working conditions, and reducing entry of pollution, dust, vermin and noise.

Standard Compliance

All doors are CE marked and comply with and generally exceed applicable European harmonised standards including EN 13241-1. Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates.

External Doors

Suitable for normal exposures. Depending on your wishes, three different models are available differentating in size and opening/closing speed.

External All Weather

The HA-series have a dynamic capcity of 6.000 kg and is electrical hydraulical with a single-button control box.

Internal Doors

For Maximum safety and security, the EDGEDOCK provides 500 mm safety distance between the docked vehicle and the mini leveller.  The EDGEDOCK is also operated by one control push button. Thanks to the compact modular design, easy installation and maintenance is assured with the EDGEDOCK.

Internal Space Saving

Special Purpose Doors

Door Selection

  • External Doors
  • External All Weather
  • Internal Doors
  • Internal Space Saving
  • Special Purpose Doors

Door Selection

All doors are purpose-made for each project. The table below summarises the range available. Doors sizes and speeds are indicative only, and greater speed, width or height may be possible in individual cases. For the weather performance view our brochure for a complete overview

External Doors

Model Drive System Size - Width x Height Opening (m/s) Closing (m/s)
M2 P Positive 5.5x5.5 2.4 1.2
M3 P Positive 9.0x5.5 0.8 0.4
D-501 P Positive 5.5x5.5 2.4 1.2


External All-Weather Doors

 Model  Drive System  Size - Width x Height  Opening (m/s)  Closing (m/s)
 M2 AW  Positive  5.5x5.5  2.4 1.2 
 M3 AW  Positive  8.5x5.5  0.8 0.4


Internal Doors

Model Drive System Size - Width x height  Opening (m/s) Closing (m/s)
M2 C Positive 5.5x5.5 2.4 1.2
M3 C Positive 11.0x5.5 0.8 0.4
D-501 C Positive 5.5x5.5 2.4 1.2


Internal Doors - Space Saving

Model Drive System Size - Width x height Opening (m/s) Closing (m/s)
D-310 LF Low Friction 3.0x3.0 1.0 1.0
D-313 LF Low Friction 3.5x3.5 2.7 0.5
D-311 LF Low Friction 4.0x4.0 1.2 0.5


Special Purpose Doors

Model Drive System Size - Width x Height Opening (m/s) Closing (m/s)
D-313 LF C Low Friction 3.5 x 3.5 2.7 0.5
D-311 LF C Low Friction 4.0 x 4.0 1.2 (2.0*) 0.5
M2 E Positive 5.5 x 5.5  1.2 0.6
D-303 LF E Low Friction 3.5 x 3.5  2.0 0.5
M2F Positive 4.0 x 5.5 2.4 1.2

* Optional Speed

Intensive Use

Fast operating speeds and mechanical reliability mean that the doors can be used intensively, minimising open time and making them ideal for high-traffic areas. All-weather models have additional reinforcement to achieve a very high resistance to wind loads for exposed areas.

Ultra Safe

The door curtain is fully flexible with a soft bottom edge. It contains no rigid elements which could cause injury. In addition, a photocell is fitted to all doors, and a bottom edge wireless detector device gives additional ‘comfort of use’ on all doors with the exception of D-310 LF.

Self Reinserting

The flexible soft-edge door curtain resists damage by vehicle collision. If the door edges are knocked out they are automatically re-inserted in the side guides as the door opens.

Superior Seal

The door curtain has a positive air seal on both sides and at the top, while the flexible bottom edge self-adjusts to seal on uneven floors. The exceptional door seals and fast operating speeds minimise heat loss and save energy.

Activation Systems

A range of activation systems can be supplied tomaximise the effectiveness of FlexiEdge door

Manuel - Push button pads incorporating auto timed close function are standard. Pull cord, both wired and wireless, and keyoperated switches are also available.


Photocells - Set on both sides of the doorway to initiate opening and closing, as well as providing additional safety. Typically mounted on posts or handrails to suit the flow of traffic.

Radar - Initiates opening and closing, and may also act as a safety detector. Detects both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Normally fitted above or at one side of the doorway, and range can be set at up to 10m. Can be tuned to suit directional traffic flow and for object shape/size sensitivity.

Induction Loops - The door opens automatically with closure after a time delay. Induction loops are set in the floor on one or both sides of the doorway, and can be tuned to optimise operation for the type of traffic. Can also be configured to cut out the effect of passing cross traffic. Not actuated by pedestrians.

Technical Specifications

  • All doors achieved a Pass grading to EN 12453 and EN 12445. (Safety)
  • All doors achieved a Pass grading to EN 12604 and EN 12605 for mechanical resistance and unintended movement.
  • Tested to EN 12604 and EN 12605. D-311, D-313, D-501 and M2 doors: for 1,000,000 cycles. M3 doors: for 750,000 cycles. Less intensive use, D-310 LF, 25,000 cycles/year.
  • To EN 12428: All standard doors: 6.02W/m²K. M2 F insulated doors: 2.42W/m²K.

Conserve energy and lower CO2 emissions

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