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19/07/22 | News 2022

Stertil Combilok

Following a recommendation from its systems integrator, one of the world’s leading drinks businesses specified the Combilok vehicle restraint system to improve safety and speed up operations within a loading bay at its distribution centre in Scotland.

Supplied and installed by Stertil Dock Products, the Combilok was installed within a loading bay supporting the handling of kegs into and out of the company’s production and distribution facilities. All vehicle loading and unloading operations are undertaken by a fleet of fork trucks fitted with special keg handling clamps. During these operations, the Combilok eliminates the possibility of vehicle movement including ‘creep’ and careless ‘drive offs’ thereby preventing accidents and ensuring total safety

Communication between drivers and distribution personnel in loading bays can be poor. The Combilok was developed exclusively to reduce the risk of unintentional vehicle movement on loading bays and offers a ‘safety net’ against poor communication by holding vehicles in one place until loading or unloading is completed. Not only does this improve safety, it also eliminates damage to expensive goods and equipment and helps guard against theft.

During operation, the Combilok is fully interlocked: the loading bay door cannot be opened until the Combilok is in position and the Combilok cannot be released until the door is closed again and it is safe to drive away. Totally automatic in operation, the Combilok also overcomes any language difficulties that may arise with drivers delivering from all over the world.

Providing unrivalled efficiency and reliability, the Combilok helps companies to fulfil their health and safety obligations in loading bays. The system accommodates most types of commercial vehicles including those with ‘tail lifts’ and its ease of assembly on smooth surfaces like stelcon plates means that it’s ideal for both new and existing sites. Stertil Dock Products has also designed the Combilok system with a minimal number of moving parts thus making it safe, simple and inexpensive both to install and maintain.

Typically, the Scottish goods in/goods out warehouse operates throughout 16 hours a day, five days a week, supported by the Stertil Combilok.


“Our Combilok vehicle restraint system has been relied upon in busy loading bays throughout the world for over 25 years,” says Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Dock Products. “In fact, such has been the success of the original model that we have recently introduced our latest generation, fully-patented Combilok G2 version which will ensure our continued dominance of the global loading bay equipment market by setting new standards of performance, reliability and safety.”

Link to video of the new Combilok G2: https://www.stertilcombilokg2.com/uk/