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Automatic Vehicle Restraint Systems

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Stertil Dock Products offer automatic vehicle restraint systems, the COMBILOK® and COMBILOK® Swap. Both systems prevent the vehicle driver from prematurely driving away from the dock while it is still being loaded or unloaded. And prevent the vehicle from creeping, often caused by a forklift or other material handling equipment while driving in and out of the trailer. 

Stertil Dock Products is an international quality and safety specialist in loading bay dock solutions.
As market leader and first in the industry with the legendary COMBILOK® we have more than 25 years of technical expertise in the automatic vehicle restraint market. All of our solutions are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by a team of specialists with expertise in the loading bay equipment industry.

Prepare and prevent, put safety first!


  • Maximum Safety & Efficiency
  • Accident & Damage Prevention
  • Extremely Durable & Reliable
  • Suitable for New and Existing Loading Bays