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Hygiene and hermetically-sealed conditions provided by the Stertil Dock Products loading bay equipment.

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Hygiene & Food Industry

Food is our life source. It needs to be kept safe, hygienic and in a temperature controlled environment, We have a complete range of high quality products for food distribution and warehouse facilities which help you with these day to day challenges. Let your Stertil Dock Products loading bay equipment work for you.

Choose our high quality engineered products that not only in the short term but also in the long term a better return on investment. Our dock products are designed and tested in the field under extreme circumstances. Don't be faced with undesirable results caused by food stock being contaminated or exposed to extreme temperatures. We have a total solution concept for the food, cold, and refrigerated storage industry

Telescopic Lip Leveller

The Telescopic Lip Leveller, the Stertil Dock Products X-Series premium model leveller for an insulated environment where the dock leveller is positioned behind an overhead door where usually the gap between the lorry and dock is larger. To increase the insulation of the distribution centre, the loading dock can be located behind the dock door.



Stepped Frame - Docking with Closed Doors

1. Docking with closed doors

2. Activate the shelter 3. Open warehouse doors
4. Extend lip to cover the gap 5. Open trailer doors 6.  Position leveller


The Stepped Frame is the most advanced dock leveller solution making it possible to quickly dock vehicles without opening the dock door.
This makes the docking process faster and also guarantees that the temperature does not fluctuate in the warehouse. 

Energy Efficient - Inflatable Shelter

The WI-Series Infaltable Shelter with inflatable side and top seals to provide a virtually airtight contact with vehicles. This makes the Stertil Dock Products inflatable shelter the ideal shelter for temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres to seal against summer heat, winter cold, draught, dust and insects.The WI-300 Series covers all requirements for a strict climate management. 


Safety - Vehicle Restraint System

Prematurely driving away from the dock while the truck is still being loaded or unloaded or vehicle “creeping” is not uncommon. A vehicle restraint can prevent accidents from happening. More reliable, durable, safer and intelligent than any other system. The unique COMBILOK® vehicle restraint system with integrated wheel guides from Stertil Dock Products reduce risks and at the same time only opens the dock door when the COMBILOK® is activated. 

Read here more on our Dock Products Safety Standards.

Safe and hygienic food storage solutions

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