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Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers loading bay

Through the years the PE bumper has proven to be an ideal solution for the most severe situations. The construction is unique: a galvanised back plate with cushioning strips and a polyethylene front pad that covers the fixings.

PE bumper: the robust and extreme durable solution.

The right solution

Rubber bumpers

The Stertil rubber bumpers offer an excelent protection for your dock. There are several dimensions available including a L-shape type.

Movable bumpers

Movable bumpers continiously follow the movements of the truck during the loading / unloading, minimizing the wearing of the bumper and its fixings.


Highly Durable PE Movable Bumpers

The vertically extendable and very strong PE dock bumper. Ideal for a variety of vehicles and various trailer heights. Docking is possible with closed trailer doors and the bumpers are very efffective in combination with a step frame leveller. Suitable for all types of trailers as well as cold store trailers, sea containers and double deckers. Recommendend for low docks.

Bumper Dimensions:


  • An impressive vertical reach of 248 mm above mounting position.
  • Self-releasing while truck is docked.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Very durable and long life span. 
  • Available in black and yellow.