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AutoCAD Design Technician

02/11/20 | Job Opportunities LBD


Key Objective

To provide AutoCAD design for loading bay projects from conception through to handover to the client.

Develop and support the Stertil standard drawing project.

Understand and Develop BIM files

To manage main contractor portal information; upload and review project drawings and identify clashes with other trades.



Key Accountabilities:


Ensuring a smooth professional operation.

o   Liaise with the Sales Team, Installation Department, Main Contractors and Architects to provide drawings (to scale if necessary) that meet the requirements of the business.

o   Ability to work and develop Stertil Standard Drawings which are produced in `AutoCAD 2020 Lt’ and saved as DWG files. For use outside the drawing office, these drawings are converted to DWF, PDF & DXF.

o   Achieve targets as requested on the `Stertil Drawing Project “Request List” produced by the General Manager.

o   Develop BIM files.

o   Updating and referring to specific customer portals for project updates.

o   Work effectively with customers and colleagues and maintain verbal and email communication with customers, suppliers and Stertil team as required.

o   Respond to emails daily and promptly in accordance with Stertil policy.

o   Ensure good relations between company and customer by instilling confidence, by identifying problems and taking prompt appropriate action.

o   Maintain a responsible attitude to time keeping and be prepared to work additional hours as and when required.

Person Specification


Essential Experience and Knowledge

o   Advanced abilities in all areas of AutoCAD design.

o  3D BIM modeling.

o   Ability to understand architectural/contractor drawings and sketches.

o   Construction/ industry knowledge.

o   Ability to manage multiple tasks to a set time scale.

o   Good level of computer literacy.

o   Ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing.

Beneficial Experience and Knowledge

o   Loading bay technical and product design knowledge.

o   An understanding of loading bay environments both technically and commercially.

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